Carpet Cleaning Buford Georgia

Carpet Cleaning Buford Georgia

Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Stretching – Carpet Repairs

We provide expert carpet cleaning, stretching and repair services in Buford GA and surrounding areas. We can repair many types of carpet damage such as split seams, ripples, tears, burns, pet damage and we can remove most stains.

Your carpet gets used all of the time and will begin to show some damage eventually. But you may not need to purchase new carpet at this time!

Carpet Stretching

Incorrect carpet installation can lead to tears and wrinkles in your carpet. Wrinkles and ripples in your carpet will damage the carpet padding and backing and it will cause it to deteriorate over time.

Once carpet backing begins to deteriorate, it can not be corrected, so wrinkles should be repaired immediately. Our trained carpet repair technicians can gently stretch your carpet to repair wrinkles before your carpet has permanently damages.

Carpet Repairs

WilTek offers all types of carpet patching services and specialize in repairing carpet snags, burn marks and damaged spots and stains in your carpet. Carpet repair is a permanent solution that is virtually invisible and much more cost effective than replacing your carpet.

New Carpet and Installation

If your carpeting is beyond repairs and just needs to be replaced. Unfortunately we limit carpet and padding installation only to flood restoration services. However, we are happy to refer you to “Pride-N-Mine Flooring” who we have worked with and recommended for over 8 years. We take pride in maintaining the honesty and integrity that our business is built on and only recommend those who hold the same standards of honesty and quality.

For All of Your Carpet Repair in Buford Georgia

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Carpet Cleaning in Buford Georgia
Carpet Repair and stretching in Buford Georgia




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