Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning? Which is Best?

There are great arguments for both steam cleaning carpets and dry cleaning carpet, but basically it comes down to your personal preference and a little common sense.

Dry Cleaning Carpets

Dry cleaning does dry quickly, usually in 1-2 hours, which makes it more convenient for the homeowner or office occupants to be able to walk on the carpet sooner.

However, the chemicals used for dry cleaning are solvents and usually very harsh. Have you ever seen your dry cleaner use chemicals without breathing masks and rubber gloves?

More importantly, dry cleaning breaks down some soils in carpet and is then absorbed using a cotton bonnet and/or vacuum to remove the dirt.

Here is where common sense comes into play.

When you do your laundry, wash your hair, or wash your car, you don’t apply a cleaner and then towel off, right?

99 times out of 100 – After a carpet is dry cleaned (especially a heavily soiled carpet), a professional carpet cleaner can clean the same carpet AFTER it’s been dry cleaned, using the steam cleaning method, and remove a lot more dirt that dry cleaning left behind.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Steam cleaning carpets simply makes more sense and does a much better job.

When done by a professional, steam cleaning should include;

1. Pre-Vacuuming

2. A detergent pre-spray that begins to break up oils and dirt in the carpet.

3. Steam Cleaning Solution – Steam cleaning uses clean, (preferably filtered), hot water, mixed with a cleaning solution that is applied to the carpet under light pressure (usually between 450-700psi) and immediately extracted.

Steam Cleaning Carpet Remove More Dirt

The steam cleaning process removes dirt particles and oils from your carpet and does not just move them deeper into the carpet to make the surface look cleaner for a few days, as is the case with dry cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong, dry cleaning does work well on some commercial type carpets.

  1. Commercial carpets are usually a short loop pile carpet which makes it easier to absorb the dirt with a cotton bonnett.
  2. Commercial carpet is usually located in an area not surrounded by a yard with dirt and dust that gets tracked in like a residential carpet does.

Some people love the dry cleaning method even for their home,
but the majority prefer the steam cleaning method.

This is because when done by a professional, steam cleaning will remove a lot more dirt than a cotton cloth rubbed around on your carpet.

You will never hear a dry cleaning company say that, but I guarantee, they all rinse there laundry after the wash cycle just like everyone else.




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